Professional Newborn Photography

Newborn are small for such a short time... before you know it they are toddlers and you are wondering where that time has gone. As a newborn they change every day, make sure you capture every important moment and every tiny detail.

The newborn photography session takes place at the fully equipped Penrith studio.

With a huge range of props, bonnets and little outfits for you to use during your session, all you need to bring is baby and plenty of milk.

This photoshoot is ideally for babies between 1 and 15 days, but can be taken even for babies more then 3 weeks old, but before 6 months old.

The later we photograph the baby, the less chance we will get of getting those curled up poses and the baby will spend more time awake. To be honest, the awake images can be just as special as those sleepy curled up images. So getting asleep and awake photos is very special.

If your baby is very relaxed, basic newborn posing without a wrap will be included if possible within the time allowance.

I am extremely patient and I will never ever rush you.

What does it cost?

Session Fee( £50) + MINIMUM of 10 edited digital Images Package (£150.00)

The Newborn Session Fee is £50 (NON-REFUNDABLE booking fee )

A minimum of 10 digital images is required for a photoshoot .

Digital Photo Packages

1 x Digital image ..........£15.00

Images on USB ........£30.00

Upload Images on a Web Link,password protected......Free

When you book a photo session with AlmaPhotoStudio you will receive :

@A photo session customized to your needs,

@The consultation prior to your photo shoot,

@Continuous support for planning and styling,

@Fully guided photoshoot, step by step posing,

@Professional fine art editing and retouching,

@Digital professional edited pictures,

@Photo shoot time up to 2,5-3.5 hrs. Newborn studio session,

@Access to a unique range of hand made accessories and props, multiple studio set ups and the studio wardrobe,

@Solo baby portraits and parents portraits available at absolutely no extra charge.

@This package requires contact between photographer and baby to pose baby.

@High quality art mats, albums and prints from prestigious international suppliers

@Exceptional service throughout entire process


You will only receive the selected photos and not the entire photo gallery.

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newborn photo studio cumbria, newborn photography

FAQs Newborn Photoshoot

When can I book a newborn photo shoot?

A.The sooner the better! The newborn photo session is booked during pregnancy, preferably at the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy. It is better to have a place reserved in advance, than to look for photographers available in the few days after your baby was born. The appointment of the photo session is made based on the probable date of birth, and when the baby is born, you will contact me to set the day of the photo session.

What is the ideal age for the newborn photo shoot?

A.1-14 days. In the first days after birth the newborn is very sleepy, has not yet adapted to the ectopic environment and is very malleable, being able to be placed in the specific positions of the newborn photo without waking up easily or being disturbed by various stimuli (noise, light, touches). After this age he begins to adjust to the environment and becomes more alert, and the periods in the waking state become longer. At the same time, after 14 days, the period of colic usually occurs.

Where will the photo shoot take place?

A.It will take place in my studio, which is located in Penrith, Cumbria and is fully equipped for photo shoots with newborn babies.

How long does a newborn photography session take?

A.The photo session generally lasts two-three hours, if the baby is calm, sleeps well and does not wake up at every touch. In these two-three hours he/she will be fed, changed, rocked asleep, photographed. That is why such a photo shoot takes time.
We all know that babies, in the first period after birth, are quite unpredictable, not having formed a sleep program. Although a newborn generally sleeps 16 to 17 hours a day, he may have more restless days, either because of overstimulation, or because of a growth spurt, or perhaps because of abdominal pain. If these things happen even during the photo shoot, it can sometimes last up to four hours. Try not to schedule anything on the day of the photo shoot, so as not to be overwhelmed by time and to have a relaxing experience. You'll only enjoy your baby's first photo shoot once, won't you?

How many outfits are included in the photo shoot?

A.In the case of newborns, because the photo shoot is done with the sleeping baby, we can not talk about a number of outfits. Changing the baby two, three times means waking him up and then falling asleep as many times, which would lead to an extension of the photo shoot. Babies are so different! Depending on how the baby "cooperates" I will use a variety of accessories such as wraps, caps, headbands (for girls) and costumes specially created for small models.

How do we prepare the baby? What about us, the parents?

A.In order to have an easy and relaxing journey with the photo session, here are some tips:
*If your baby is breastfeeding, try to exclude from your diet foods that can cause abdominal cramps. Avoid spicy food, caffeine, sour juices, cruciferous vegetables or other foods that you know can cause your little one abdominal cramps.
*Try to keep your baby awake for at least an hour before the photo shoot.
*Feed the baby before we start of the photo shoot, so he will be tummy full and will sleep well from the beginning.
*Dress him in light clothes that can be easily taken off. Avoid bodysuits or blouses that come off the head. The most suitable are bodysuits or overalls with staples or zippers. Avoid tight clothing that can leave marks on the baby's skin.
*If the baby is fed formula milk, bring enough with you to feed him in the studio.
*Parents usually think their baby needs to be awake for their session when it’s actually more difficult to pose the baby in certain poses while they are awake. My goal is to keep the baby warm, comfortable, asleep, and happy for the best photo opportunities.
Even if you haven't given the baby a pacifier at home so far, this will help me a lot in calming him when I make the transition between positions, so I recommend you bring one. It will be used only for the photo shoot and I assure you that the baby will not learn from this unique experience.
When it comes to parents choosing their outfits for family newborn photo shoots, white, light grey, or neutral tops tend to look great. It's a good idea to stay away from fussy patterns and bright colors, since they can look distracting in photos. Siblings can also wear neutrals and light colors, but it's also important that they feel happy and comfortable in what they wear. As long as they don't wear anything too bright and loud, it should look great in the final photos.
Because family photos can't be missed from a photo shoot with the newborn baby, I suggest you, the parents, be prepared too. A light hairstyle and a discreet make-up for the m

Can the baby's siblings also participate? in the photo shoot?

A.Sure! Sisters and brothers are welcome at the photo shoot. Happy baby in the arms of the family!

How will we receive the photos?

A.The photos will be handed in an online gallery that can be accessed through a link. Photos can be downloaded at high resolution.

Will we also receive unedited photos?

A.Will we also receive unedited photos?
Unedited photos will NOT be handed over because they are not the final product you pay for, but only the "raw material".

How long will it take to see my final images?

A.Usually between a week and one month depending how many pictures you chose and what products you ordered.
If you need to rush the order for birth announcements, let them know in advance so we can do our best to get everything ready for you to give them to your family members.

Do you offer prints and wall art?

A.Yes, I do offer a wide variety of prints, wall art and handcrafted albums, please check the products section of the web site.

Can I come and visit the place where the photo sessions are taking place before hand?

A.This will happen most likely during the pre-consultation. This is the best time to come over, see all the products available, like canvases, albums and portraits as well as other details like the contracts, preparing for the session, pricing, and policies. It’s also the best time for you and me, the photographer, to chat about what are your desires, what colors to avoid and ensure that the color palettes we both choose for your portraits will complement the colors at your home.
In my case, I like to go over this during the pre-consultation and I will write notes to make sure the final images complement the home décor or the baby nursery so that way we can order any wall art that you may like to showcase your favorite photos.

Can I pay you with a credit card?

A.YES, I accept cash ,credit card or bank transfer.