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Because we have been cherishing our happiness with you for 11 years in photos , in videos and in our memories, now it's time to redefine those moments into a new project 👣called Alma Casting Memories 👣. 

 Our lifes are full of precious moments and we wish we could keep them forever and this is why I would like to introduce our new beautiful project, that already we love it so much because we can capture those precious memories through art for you to treasure forever:

Alma Casting Memories - 3D Prints  

For those who don't know what a life casting means,is a process of creating a three-dimensional copy of a living human's body part, through the use of molding and casting techniques. 

If you want something more then a family photo we can create a unique work of art that captures a special moment in time.

Enjoy life because happiness for today is a memory for tomorrow !!

Specialise in creating beautiful 3D adult, toddler & baby life castings that last forever in a frame.

We are working towards offering professional casting and family photography from our studio premises in Penrith, Cumbria .

Castings are special for so many reasons, they tell a journey that your going through, that you've been on and something you can remember forever. Each and every cast I take is special, it's unique to that moment in time. Captured and frozen forever .Every little human has their own story to tell, really does show how different each baby is, how loved and incredibly are .

Price List

3D Casting on a Plinth

*Casting Baby hand or foot on a plinth with engraved plaque .....£50

*Two Baby Casting(hand and foot) on a plinth with engraved plaque............£90

*Two adults Casting hands on a plinth with engraved plaque .......£160

*Two adults Casting (clasping hands) on a dome glass with engraved plaque .....£180

*One Adult &one Child (clasping hands ) on a dome glass with engraved plaque ..£160

*Two Adults &one child (clasping hands ) on a dome glass with engraved plaque.....£180

*One Paw casting on a plinth with engraved plaque .............£50

*One Adult and paw (clasping) on a plinth on a dome glass with engraved plaque ......£160

3D Casting in a Frame

*Single 3D Casting (hand or foot ) in a frame(4X4”) with engraved plaque .......£70

*Two 3D casting (hands or feet ) in a frame(8X8”) with engraved plaque ....... £ 130

*Two 3D Casting (hand and foot )in a frame (8X8”) with acylic name..........£150

*Two 3D casting ( hands or feet) in a frame (10X8”) with photo ,engraved plaque......£180

*Two pair of 3D casting (hands and feet ) in a frame(12X10”) with engraved plaque .....£200

*Two pair of 3D casting (hands and feet ) in a frame(18X10”) with photo .......£235

*Couple overlapping hands in a frame with engraved plaque............£280

*Family tree with 6 casts(2 adults one child hands) in a frame with engraved plaque.....£370

*Family tree with 8 casts (2 adults and two children)in a frame with engraved plaque ...£440

*Each family member added to the family tree ....................£50

*LOVE frame(26X11”) with 2 baby feet .............£225

*Bauble with 3D Baby hand or foot casting with metalic stand ..............£80

Booking FEE £50 to secure your day an hour .

This is not an extra fee but is deducted from the final price .

Gift Certificates Available in any amount

Prices include the painting , finishing and framing (if required ) of your casts.

Payment plans are available (6 weeks of 6 equal instalments)

The final product cam be deliver in 6 - 8 weeks .