Professional Family Photography

Your time together as a family is a gift.  Why not capture it in a photo session as well?

Whether it’s a studio or an outdoor photo shoot, in one of the most beautiful regions of the UK, Lake District of Penrith Cumbria, I am here to guide you and create the perfect memories for you.

A family portrait is something to cherish forever and to look back at with joy in your heart. I’d love to be the one that helps you with this and I always strive to make the best out of any photo shoot.

As a Cumbrian based photographer I know the whereabouts of this area and I can suggest and find the best spot for the magic to happen.   

“Family… Where Life Begins And Love Never Ends”

Make sure you are present in your family images, if not for you, for your children and your children’s children… after all… one day they will be all that remains.

One day, all your children will have will be pictures of you. Make sure you are in them. No matter what your hair looks like, your make-up or your body, they won`t care about any of that, they`ll just want to see you.

When do I book?

I work 5 days a week, by appointment only. So if you have a certain date in mind, let me know ASAP. It gets very busy in the weekend, so pre-booking is vital to get the date you want.

What To Wear?

Plain white, black or grey tops look great, simple colours, no patterns or logos. Jeans and plain tops photograph great or you can use anything you want from the dresses I provide. If you need help to decide, we will provide assistance this with you after you have booked the photo session.

How long does the session take?

Our family portraits sessions take between 2 and 2:30 hours.
If the children are little, then they may only last about 20 minutes to half an hour as little ones get fed up and don’t want to concentrate for too long.

At the studio, we have kids ourselves so we know what children of all ages are like and we know how much the mums and dads want a beautiful portrait of their child. Being a parent in this sort of situation can be hard, as you want your child to behave and smile. Kids don’t always do this!

But we strive to keep your little one happy and capture some stunning images. We also have lots of props to entertain them: bubbles, balloons, toys and teddy bears.

We also know the importance of making it fun for them, not too full on and rushed. We love getting to know them and having a little play with the kids, which makes them feel at ease with us, so they naturally give us a smile.


Family portraits Fee is £ 50.00 (NON-REFUNDABLE booking fee)
REMEMBER this is just for the session fee, you need to buy at least 10 digital images package :

A minimum of 10 digital images is required for a photoshoot .

Albums required to have at least 20 edited digital images (One collage minimum of 2 images)